Fear not!


What are we afraid of? Many people have their own ideas and logic about the future. Just yesterday, I was having conversation with some people at my job about the situation in Houston. May God protect those who lost everything and we continue to pray for many of those suffering now. But we take life for granted and pretend we can buy happiness and joy in material things.
Some want to complain about money, like it grows on trees, to impress those around them. But in all instances, they’re not happy. God helps me realize more and more that the only happiness in this world comes from Him. How many of you have lost your joy? Romans 8:39 reminds that nothing above or in this earth can separate us from God’s love for us. This itself shows you the power of God in Christ Jesus. Most of us are so infatuated with money that we convince ourselves we’re happy when we’re not. Remember the word says we cannot serve two masters. Why are we trying to replace our happiness? God is the ultimate healer. There is not any other God that comes before him. So today, be encouraged that nothing can separate us from God’s love. He sacrificed his only son so that we may be saved from sin through grace.
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