Last Days

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By Cortney Strayhorn

Times today are similar to when Paul was talking to Timothy about the last days. How are you acting now? It’s seems to me that if we are acting in any kind of way that isn’t pleasing to God we need to check ourselves. Paul describes how people will act in the last days, only caring about themselves. They will be unloving, reckless, concerned with money betray friends, become cruel and hate what is good. They will also become disobedient to their parents. These are same things that are happening now in this evil world. We are seeing a lot of people turn away from God fulfilling their own personal needs. Anything that is pleasurable to their eyes they are considering their God. What type of mindset is this? We have to be mindful that now in these times prayer can be our most powerful weapon against this type of warfare. As my pastor would say we need to “suit up” and prepare for this warfare. The enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy. Don’t let him destroy you today for what God has planned for tomorrow. Pass this to anyone that is struggling with worldly views and pleasure. Pray for healing. #betterdays

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